100% Fully raw fresh-pressed juices and smoothies

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iGet Juiced, a juice bar that originated in Snellville, Georgia specializes in fresh-pressed juices, nutrient-packed smoothies, smoothie bowls, handcrafted salads, wraps, avocado toast, juice packages, wellness shots and more. iGet Juiced makes eating healthy exciting.

What Makes iGet Juiced different?

What makes us different from most smoothie shops is that we use fresh vegetables and fruits that are not loaded with sugar, additives, preservatives, fluffers, and syrups. Our goal for opening iGet Juiced was to provide a healthy alternative to the plethora of fast-food restaurants lined in our communities. Choosing a healthy, fresh food option can be convenient and delicious.

The Word Around Town for iGet Juiced

"This is the ONLY juice bar in Snellville and they stay on top of it! Juices are made fresh to order and now they have expanded their menu. They serve salads, soups, avocado toast and even a delicious spinach wrap that I am obsessed with. You have to stop by this amazing shop soon. Why? Because ASH SAID IT!"

— Tosha Lama
Review from Google Places Local Guide

"I just went for my first time today. To be honest I have wanted to I just didn’t before because it’s a little expensive. The thing is though, you get what you pay for.. $1 hamburger = colon cancer and lack of the nutrition our bodies need, fresh raw ingredients = longevity, and health. No, I’m not going to lie, it’s maybe not as immediately satisfying as downing three slices of greasy pizza... but don’t get me wrong it was very good, very very fresh, and the customer service was excellent. Definitely no regrets, feel absolutely amazing, and I’m ready for this day now! I will be back! Real solid ingredients that taste good and are great for you."

— Seth Throckmorton
Review from Google User

"I started going to Iget Juiced while I was pregnant. I tried the avocado toast and was hooked. I came almost every week for it as well as a berry good choice smoothie. 1 year later and I still go when I have the chance and my baby girl loves the avocado toast!"

— L Budden
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